Black Salt
Black Salt

Black Salt

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Use black salt to protect, banish and guard against negative energy. 

Sprinkle a pinch across doorways and thresholds, use to cast a protective circle, add to other blends to amplify the energy, and use to remove or uncross specific energy or influences in your life.

80g Black Salt, made using traditional methods.
Ashes from the cauldron of herbs and resins, mixed with Himalayan salt.

NOT added are any colouring agent, so batches will vary from an ashy grey colour to black. This doesn't change the effectiveness of the salt. 

Each batch is blended on the DAY of Saturn, in the hour of Saturn to increase it's banishing properties.

Packaged in a resealable pet pouch.

This salt is NOT for ingestion. Do not eat, or get into eyes. Wash hands after use.

Created by The Spiritual Toolbox 

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